Provo and Associates

Billing Policy
​By engaging the services of Provo and Associates, the client agrees to compensate the respective professional for the time necessary to implement the discussed and agreed upon plan of action. Included in the billing may be charges for:

  • ​Client Consultation
  • Meetings with parents, teachers and any other professionals on behalf of the client
  • Telephone consultations
  • Travel (see below)
  • Meeting coordination (see below)
  • Aide or guide training
  • Communication with parents, doctors and other professionals on behalf of the client
  • Written reports and communications
  • Report Reading
  • Research
​Please note that there are no procedure numbers available for medical insurance companies to cover these services. Therefore, no insurance reimbursement is available for these services. Payment for services rendered is strictly the responsibility of the client.
Meeting Coordination
Split Invoices
​It is the responsibility of the client to coordinate meetings with doctors, teachers or other specialists in which they wish Diane to hold or attend. Should you wish Diane's assistant to coordinate these meetings of four or more people we will need to bill you for her time. Each 30 minutes of time will be billed at $35.00, the minimum charge is $35.00
Our policy is to have one designated person responsible for payments. That person is to maintain a current credit card on file. We prefer only one person be responsible, however at times, people wish to split their bills and ask us to divide the charges. We will create a second account to pay half the charges. Our history with this request has not always gone well on our end. As of 03/15/19 each split request will generate a $20.00 charge.
​Travel expense is calculated as a round trip from 7 Pixley Avenue, Corte Madera at the rate of $160 per hour at increments of fifteen minutes in each direction, with a minimum charge of $80.00.

Effective March 15, 2022